Fletcher's Meeting Half a Day Package

Enjoy a completely catered morning, afternoon or evening session. Complement your business meeting with an extensive lunch and/or dinner. Everything will be taken care of to make your business meeting a success.

This package includes:

  • Reception with welcome drink and regional speciality
  • Use of the plenary room, set-up as you prefer
  • Use of flip-over with markers and paper
  • Unlimited coffee and tea in the plenary room
  • Ice water & meeting mints in the meeting room
  • Writing material and paper in the meeting room
  • Use of beamer and screen (if available)
  • Assortment of soft drinks in the plenary room (subsequent calculation)

De inhoud van het arrangement kan per hotel verschillen. Na de offerte aanvraag nemen wij contact met u om de mogelijkheden te bespreken.

Arrangement op maat
Sluiten de arrangementen onvoldoende bij uw wensen aan? Wij verzorgen ook arrangementen op maat die wij volledig afstemmen op uw wensen.

Fletcher's Meeting Half a Day PackageAvailable in 105 hotels

This packageis available in105 hotels

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