Fully catered company barbecue

A beautiful setting sun, the characteristic smell of barbeque and delicious dishes fresh from the grill. That sounds like a fantastic end to a long meeting, inspiring brainstorm or busy working day. Professional grill masters are ready to surprise you with delicious dishes from the barbecue, smoker or Green Egg. The Fletcher BBQ packages are fully catered for and all meat and fish dishes are freshly prepared on the spot. We look forward to surprising you, your colleagues, relations or entire company with a delicious barbecue!

Would you like more information about the catered company barbeques at Fletcher Hotels? Please contact our sales department via 0347 329 092. We will do everything we can to make your gathering unforgettable!



Classic Barbecue buffet

From €35,50 p.p.

    Bacon strips
    Shaslicks (Also vegetarian options)
    Russian salad
    Potato salad
    Green mixed salad
    Baguette with herb butter
    Different cold sauces


Royal Barbecue buffet

From €39,50 p.p.

    Roasted tomato soup with basil
    Burgers (Also vegetarian options)
    Chicken skewers (Also vegetarian options)
    Marinated steak
    Gambas skewers en Dorade
    Russian and potato salad
    Baguette with herb butter
    Different cold sauces

1-hour Dutch Drink assortiment

From €10,50 p.p.

    Warm drinks (coffee, tea)
    Sodas and juices
    Tap beer
    Fletcher house wine (red, white en rosé)

Hotel De Buunderkamp

The cool outdoor kitchen on the Veluwe

Looking for a beautiful décor for your company barbecue or outdoor BBQ experience? Then discover the outdoor kitchen of Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant de Buunderkamp.

This hotel has unique indoor and outdoor meeting locations and regularly surprises its guests with tailor-made BBQ experiences, in the middle of a beautiful Veluwe forest! Want to discover more about the hotel? Keep reading.

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